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  project name ~ Joint Urban Greens Project for Delhi and Pune

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  Project Name


Joint Urban Greens Project for Delhi and Pune









Pune & Delhi




  Budget Approved


Rs 260000


  Year Approved







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Bay Area
San Diego





-Felling of trees in Koregaon Park.

Tasneem of Kalpavriksh says "At the Koregoan Park site which is just next to the petrol pump on the main road, there were some trees that were trimmed and another that was cut down to a small size and is now dead."





The project aims to create awareness amongst Pune and Delhi citizens and to create a network of experts, concerned citizens, media, NGOs, environmental groups, development planners and government officials to initiate people-based actions for the conservation of urban greenery. The initial support is for a period of one year, during which period the sustainability of the initiative will be assessed.

The fundamental belief of this effort is that with better planning, awareness and accountability, in most cases, the felling of trees can be avoided, and urban greenery can be protected and enhanced.





* Kalpavriksh has been working on this initiative in Pune since 2005. Have managed to get the Govt to post a docket on the govt website on a monthly basis, which provides a platform to monitor and act on which areas are being targetted. * Legal action currenty being taken w/the Pune Municipal Commissioner against the construction of roads in Law College Hill/Vetal tekdi (really a part of forest areas) www.punetreewatch.org * Anchal Sondhi to take up project managing this project from KV''s side. More to follow as project progresses.





The goal of this initiative is to ensure preservation and enhancement of existing greenery and open spaces in the cities of Pune and Delhi through necessary research, advocacy, and awareness building. * Assessment of the current status of “open space” guidelines for any proposed development in Delhi and Pune. * Monitoring activities that affect open and green areas and initiate action where appropriate * Lobbying for legislation that protects existing open and green spaces and work with the Government to strengthen the Acts. * Ensure green spaces are given serious consideration whenver new infrastructure projects are evaluated. * Prepare booklets, brochures and relevant materials from the above research and advocacy to inform citizens and officials. * Create widespread awareness through media and school, college exhibits.



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